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Full Feature Facebook Software

Get it now read on and you will see Why

Facebook Demon

Completely Dominate Facebook With One Of The Most Effective And Advanced Bots That Will Allow You To Make More Money And Save Time!

Now you can put your Facebook marketing campaigns into overdrive and easily automate all of your tasks with a few clicks of your mouse! Now, pay attention because you’re about to witness a completely revolutionary tool that will change the game!


FaceBook Demon.

Facebook Demon is a complete automation suite that will skyrocket your profits, while saving tons of time that you can spend in other areas of your business. Have a look at the life-saving and amazing features that Facebook Demon has to offer you…

Facebook Account Creator

Hate creating Facebook accounts manually? Well, with Facebook Demon you can create hundreds of fresh Facebook accounts at the push of a button. Just imagine all of the effort and time that you will save when creating accounts for your Facebook marketing campaigns!

Facebook Account Checker

This is a really useful module; it will allow you to check the validity of all of your Facebook accounts at the same time and to see if they’re active or not. This is something important, because this way you can see “at a glance” which of your Facebook accounts are active, without wasting hours checking the whole thing manually.

Friend/Unfriend Module

This surprising module will help you to automatically friend or unfriend. The best part? You can do this so quickly that it will only take you one click of your mouse. This way you can quickly and easily add tons of friends, so that you can later send your affiliate offers or news about your online business. This module is really powerful!

Send Messages Module

You can send unlimited messages promoting your affiliate offers to all of your Facebook friends. This breakthrough module is something so useful that it will make you a lot of money. This module is really easy to use and you will be able to instantly send messages with just the click of your mouse.

Tag/Picture Poster Module

If you want to massively tag or post pictures, this module will come in handy. You now have the possibility of tagging and adding unlimited pictures from the main interface of “Facebook Demon” without even opening Facebook! You can schedule everything, so there’s no need of spending countless hours in front of the computer.

Status/Account Scraper Module

Scrape statutes and accounts easily. This is a fantastic module where you can scrape as much statuses and accounts as you want, there’s no limit! Just imagine having access to thousands of accounts and statuses for your own personal benefit!

Send Status/Mention Module

You can send statuses and mentions, as many times as you want. This is simple: just write your status, click the left mouse of your mouse and you’re ready to go! Also, you can schedule your statuses and mentions ― automation on steroids!

Post Manager Module

Manage all of your Facebook posts in one single place. This is a time-saver feature as you won’t have to get lost across hundreds of posts at the same time. Now, at a single glance you can locate, edit or delete your posts. Think all of the time that you’re about to save!

Mass Poster Module

With one click, you can mass post in your wall and in your friends’ wall! This is automation that will allow you to get your posts into hundreds or even thousands of walls really fast. This is simply a marketing tool that you just can’t afford to ignore – Mainly because it’s really POWERFUL!

Mass Like Module

This is a tremendously helpful module where you can mass like posts, statuses, pictures…etc. From the main interface of the “Facebook Demon” software, push a simple button and you’ve already “mass liked” hundreds of posts, statuses and even pictures!

Mass Share Module

Share everything with your friends/contact, but this time in a massive way! This is one of the most effective ways to share and to get others to notice your shares. This will eventually lead to more views, and more views can bring more sales.

Fanpage Like & Comment Module

Comment and like ANY fanpage of your choice – all from the admin panel, with such a simple interface that even a child can use it!

Mass Fanpage Poster Module

Post in hundreds and even thousands of fanpages full of targeted prospects that will be interested in whatever you have to offer. This is something so powerful that you won’t even believe how easy it is to make money. All thanks to this AMAZING feature.

But That’s Not All!

Check Out More Amazing Software Features…

Account Manager

Import and export hundreds of accounts with a single click of your mouse. You don’t have to work hard in order to have all of your Facebook accounts up to date.

Built In Proxies Checker

Easily import proxies and check them before you use them. Long gone are those days were you had to manually check if a proxy properly works or not.

Fanpage manager list

Conveniently manage all of your fanpage lists in one single place!

Captcha Service

Get rid of those annoying captcha’s really easy – “Facebook Demon” supports decaptcher, deathbycaptcha, bypasscaptcha and much more!

Process Spintax Formatted Content

All of your status and facebook posts will be formatted so nobody will suspect that a bot posted something. It’s as if a human wrote it!

Easy Verify

You can now phone verify any of your accounts worldwide. You only have to simply add the phone numbers and phone code and the software handle the rest. As easy as 1, 2, 3!

Multi-Threads on all modules and Integrated task management and scheduling

Multi-threading is the key to success, that’s why “Facebook Demon” has integrated this on its powerful algorithm. Now you can do much, much more in less time! Also, you can manage all of you tasks and schedule them!


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